One ERP platform to run your entire business

TurnToWeb is all about simplicity and making your business smoother and easier to run. By merging different software applications and processes into one ERP platform you will work more efficiently and better focus on your core operations.

Features & Benefits At A Glance
Core Accounting Designed with small and medium sized businesses in mind, the Core Accounting modules include Sales, Purchases, Cash and General ledgers into a flexible and friendly toolset capable of handling your day to day accounting transactions.
Management Information Systems Our growsing range of MIS applications provide insight and oversight to management such as Asset management, Credit control and Budgeting.
Inventory Tracking and recording your stock, the Inventory is a central information system designed to automate and streamline your stores and transactions. Multi-location support, eCommerce integration and serial numbers management are just some of the features offered.
Supply Chain Management From Purchase Orders to Shipments, one system will ensure you track and manage incoming stock and purchases efficiently and improve your supply side relations.
Document Management Store, share and access key documents across your organisation. Brochures, pricing, photos and other important documents will be instantly available to your staff and management encouraging collaboration and improved workflow.
Corporate Email An important component of your communications mix, our corporate email solutions give you the peace of mind or a fully managed and reliable service, integrated within your business platform via POP, IMAP and webmail.
Customer Relationship Management Centralising your customer contact information, activity history and communcications will help your business grow and handle increased volumes with less effort.
Retail & Wholesale In-store applications are designed to help your business service customers such as issue quotations and proposals. Our virtual Point-Of-Sale app also delivers a roaming, web-based checkout station, seamlessly intergated with your ERP platform.
Audit & Security A single software platform can greatly enhance your audit and control giving you a single security and permission system for your data as well as a clear and global audit trail for all your business activity.
Open API Access Do you want to connect your own software systems to our platform? Not a problem. Our Open API provides a rich integration channel for third part application to connect and automate processes within the ERP using industry standard REST protocols.

ERP Platform

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning is a software system that brings together data and applications across an entire organisation. From finance to customer information and from inventory to communications, an ERP solution increases productivity and efficiency through automation and improvement management.

Cloud Based Solutions

Running and maintaining your in-house software systems can be challenging and complex, especially for SMEs. Cloud based solutions provide the benefits of large scale business infrastructure, such as servers, backups and security systems, within a lightweight subscription model.

TurnToWeb offers a true cloud-based ERP solutions ideal for small and medium sized organisations.

Beyond the list of core features and applications we can provide, TurnToWeb can become your technology partner to power your business strategy and support your day to day operations. Our platform is also available for development and deployment of tailor-made software applications, built around your specific needs.