Cloud Accounting for eCommerce

TurnToWeb Cloud ERP provides a robust and extensive business software platform ideal for small and medium sized organisations.  It includes a vast range of modules such as Sales, Inventory, Shipments and more, into a seamless business software platform capable of powering your entire business.

What Is ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a term that has recently gained popularity and is used to describe software platforms that can power virtually every aspect of a business’ typical software requirements. Traditional first generation software required numerous separate software packages such as accounting and stock.  ERP attempts to bring all the software functions required by the business into a single platform.  This in turn has many benefits such as improved efficiency, simplified integration and automation.

ERP For eCommerce

TurnToWeb Cloud ERP delivers the essential business software tools to run your business on the cloud such as financials, reporting, inventory management and more.  In addition to a web-based interface, the platform offers an open API that connects your website or online shop directly into your ERP.  Not only does this connection provide real time accounting facilities to your customers, such as invoice generation and payments, but it also automates the majority of manual accounting work for your staff.

Key Benefits

A single unified view of all your business transactions provides instant management insight including online, mobile and in-store.

Automation eliminates error-prone manual work increasing productivity and ensures that data is always up to date.

Track and manage customers and sales across different channels.  This effectively enables you to service customers consistently across your different sales channels.

Instant data and real-time reporting enables your business to leverage your information to improve your business agility.

Sample Scenario

1. Your customer browses your website to learn about your products.  Information is displayed directly from your integrated product catalogue including pictures, prices and full details.

2. The customer registers to create a personal virtual account on your website which will automatically become your customer sales account.  The shopping cart software guides the customer to select product, delivery and other options to place the final order.

3. Upon placing the order, inventory stock levels are adjusted to reflect the sale and update all other sales points, including your shop.

4. A fiscal invoice is generated allowing the customer to view and print as well as to pay using a valid credit / debit card.  An instant receipt is issued upon payment clearance.

5. The order is processed by your sales staff and the items dispatched using the integrated delivery module which will generate and process delivery notes, send out automated email and SMS text notifications as well as track and update order status.

6. Meanwhile, accounting transactions are automatically posted and management have access to detailed sales, profitability and other key reports in real time, from anywhere.


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